Our engineering expertise and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that each custom component is developed to the most stringent standards and customer specifications.

We deliver optimal product performance while maximizing our customers’ cost-to-benefit ratio.

Technical excellence requires rigorous evaluation

APPROACH: Our engineering team starts each project by analyzing the customer’s requirements for their custom elastomer component.


These include:

  • The type of fluid the product will encounter
  • System pressure
  • Temperature pressure
  • Duration at temperature
  • Product life

These factors will determine which custom compound will be developed to best suit our customer’s application.

The perfect union of science and mathematics

APPROACH: Once the material is selected, the engineering team will calculate the optimum seal geometry.


This analysis includes:

  • Static or dynamics sealing requirements
  • Gland dimensions
  • Installation requirements (manual or automated assembly)
  • Direction of pressure (internal or external)
  • Compression (squeeze) requirements
  • Volume/void ratio
  • Sealing gap clearance
  • Tolerance stack-up
  • Closure force requirements

Consistent enhancement of our services

APPROACH: We maintain our leadership position in the rubber components industry by investing in the most advanced business tools, machinery, and technology.


Our most recent acquisitions include:

  • Non-contact measurement capabilities
  • CNC grinding and cutting machines
  • Improved chilled water system
  • Three new extrusion lines
  • High-speed cutting equipment
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
  • New die cutting and profile extrusion processes
  • Five horizontal injection presses
  • ATOM Flash Cut Flex Machine

Sophisticated inventory management systems

APPROACH: Our VMI System provides our customers with a way to avoid overstocking and shortages while receiving a cost-effective, seamless flow of inventory with parts replenished on their preferred schedule. We encourage our customers to learn more about our inventory management systems, supplemented by extensive warehouse space and a highly responsive shipping team.