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Rubber Tubing Manufacturers

Archer Advanced Rubber concentrates solely on custom solutions for our clients. Illustrated by this anonymous case study, here is an example of how we helped a client with a rubber tubing issue.


A manufacturer of automotive battery products was having great difficulty with field issues due to an inferior material being used in their assemblies.

The sub-standard product was very difficult to assemble and had poor strength and elasticity. Furthermore, the current product was creating a bottle neck because it could not withstand the fluid pressure needed to quickly transport the fluid from one container to another.

Our Custom Solution:

Archer was approached by the company to help them solve these issues. The first thing our engineers did was conduct an analysis to, not only understand the requirements of the rubber tubing, but to fully understand how the end user would be interfacing with the entire assembly. We began to study the problems and to gather data regarding operating temperatures, fluids to be utilized, operating pressures and what spikes in pressure may occur. We also gathered a significant amount of information about the manufacturing and assembly process, including mating part tolerances, assembly methods, connection forces, and fluid transfer pressures.

Once all the data had been collected, Archer developed a rubber tubing compound made from a high strength EPDM polymer that had excellent tensile strength and modulus properties. These properties solved the strength and elasticity concerns, as well as dramatically increasing the fluid pressure that the process could withstand, thus improving the assembly cycle time. By developing a custom extruded rubber tube, in combination with the outstanding physical properties of the material, we solved the assembly concerns, further increasing reducing the assembly time and reducing operator fatigue.

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