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Rubber Manufacturing

Specializing in custom rubber part production to manufacturers and wholesale distributors

The Archer Advanced Rubber Advantage:

Comprehensive Manufacturing: With lathe cutting, molding, extruding, and die cutting.

Customized Parts Manufactured: Customized for each client with high volume capacity.

Direct from the Manufacturer: Keep costs low and supply chain efficiency high.

Our design engineers can help you determine the optimal part specifications, such as:

  • Part dimensions
  • Materials
  • Static or dynamic sealing
  • Compression Requirements
  • Design temperature requirements

*We value your privacy and your proprietary product specs. All information remains confidential. We can discuss a non-disclosure agreement, if you desire.

Not only do we manufacture parts based solely on our clients’ needs, we also provide consultation throughout the process. This ensures the best results. Our use of Kanban manufacturing and Just-in-Time shipping allows for highly efficient and cost-effective production.

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