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Custom Injection Molding

Where close dimensional tolerances are required and product volumes dictate, injection molding is the more desirable alternative. It is one of three custom rubber molding processes utilized by Archer.

In transfer molding, hydraulic pressure closes the mold and pushes the rubber into the cavities.

By contrast, the closing pressure and the injection pressure can act independently in injection molding. Material is fed

through channels into an already closed cavity, thereby providing a closer tolerance process.

Additionally, the material is delivered to the mold cavity in a pre-heated condition, shortening the entire process cycle. 

Advantages of Injection Molding:

  • Very close dimensional tolerances can be attained
  • Comparatively  flash-less product
  • Shorter process cycle times


  • Tooling costs are relatively expensive
  • Best suited for high volume products

Archer has the capability and expertise to utilize the best molding process for any particular application.

To find out more about the Archer approach to molding, contact one of our engineers today.

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