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Compression Molding

Compression molding is the most widely used method to form unvulcanized polymer to the profile of a mold cavity. It is one of three processes utilized by Archer for custom rubber molding products.

A volume of compound exceeding that of the mold cavity volume is placed in a heated mold, which is contained in a 

molding press. During mold closure, the compound flows into the cavity and adjoining clearance. The clearance is designed specifically to accept the excess material so that it may be easily removed from the molded component.

Once closed, the mold and the compound contained within undergo constant stress in the form of heat and pressure. The period of time in which the mold remains subject to this stress is dependent upon the compound used and curing temperature.

Once vulcanized, the “flash” or finished molding along with its surplus material is removed for trimming and inspection. The compression process is particularly adaptable to smaller production runs.

Advantages of Compression Molding:

  • Lower initial tooling costs
  • Lower maintenance costs

Advantages of Compression Molding:

  • Complicated shapes can be difficult

Archer has the capability and expertise to utilize the best molding process for any particular application. To find out more about the Archer approach to molding, contact one of our engineers today.

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